DHLC7180 Electric Lifting Column


The product is an electric lifting column with an aluminum alloy shell. It can withstand high temperature and shock resistance. 50-600 stroke can be customized, with built-in limit switch. Easy to install and durable, simple structure, convenient switch, beautiful style, durable material, as bright as new.

Product features

● Adopt aluminium alloy shell
● Protection Level: IP43
● Low noise and large expansion range
● Widely used

Technical Parameters

Voltage 24V/12V
No-load Speed(mm/s) 4 7 20 36
Load Pull Capacity(N) 4000 2500 1500 300
Load Push Capacity (N) 5000 2800 1800 400
Self-locking Capacity(N) 4000 2500 1500 300
Initial Height(mm) L =S+170, S ≥ 50
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~+40℃
IP Grade: IP43
Limit Switches Built-in
Operating Frequency 10% max 2min.continuous use
Color Silver White
Panels Powder Coating
Stroke Length(mm) 50mm-1000mm
Optional Features Hall Sensor(only 24V)
Mangtenic Sensor
Limit Switches Feedback

Outline Dimension Drawing



DHLC7180  Electric Lifting Column