Magnetic sensor makes for simple adjustment of linear actuator stroke length

Main Features

The Magnetic sensor is a magnetic position sensor. It is an electrical switch activated by the application of a magnetic field. It consists of two contacts mounted on ferrous metal strips contained in a sealed glass enclosure. The contacts are normally open or closed.


No-contact: long life cycle (mechanical life of 100 million cycles)
High reliability for high-speed applications


Detection of magnetic materials only

Adjust stroke length at any time

When your motor has  built-in mangnetic senor, you can adapt the stroke length of standard actuators by the moving the Magnetic switch so that the actuator can adjust its expansion length after leaving the factory .There is a great need for various stroke lengths, especially in areas where unique applications are the rule rather than the exception. Sensor integration provides a universal solution.
For example ,an 100mm stroke DHLA6000 Linear Actuator ,it's expansion length is from 275mm to 375mm. you can set the expansion length from x to y (x<y,275<x<375,175<y<375) by moving the Magnetic switch;

How to integrate the solution for adapting the stroke length of standard actuators.

First, you should get the following list ready:
1, a Linear Actuator that has bulit-in the mangnetic senor;
2,one or two normally closed (NC) magnetic switches;(you will need two if you need to set the upper and the lower expansion length,otherwise only one.The second switches allows both the actuator’s incoming and outgoing movements to be set.).
3,one forward and reverse controller which is bulit in relay.

Second,wiring the linear actuator like following picture(with our 1VM 10A 24V controler eg.)

Last, fix the magnetic switches on the linear acuator at the postion you want to set