The motor with Hall Sensors

Main Features

The Hall-effect sensor makes it possible to count the motor revolutions by using magnets fixed on the motor shaft. A microprocessor counts the revolutions.


3.Easy to control
4.Resistant to most liquids
5.Static sensors: long life
6.Useful for high-speed applications


1.Frequency limitation
2.Sensitivity to temperature changes
4.Limited performance in case of shocks
5.Loss of position in case of power failure

What the hall sensor do

The Hall sensor is a magnetic field sensor which is made according to the Hall effect,So we can monitor and control the motor by the hall controler.

What the hall controler do

1.Display length or height real time;
2.Can make multiple lift or linear acutator walk Synchronize;
3.Control lift or linear acutator height
4.Location memory
5.Improve motor stability
6.High precision operation