DHLA42 Stepper Electric Linear Actuator

Product features

Lead Screw Type:Trapezoidal thread

Input voltage:DC 9~32V

Maximum load:500N/50kg

Maximum Speed:80mm/s

Maximum Stroke:1000mm

Limit Switches:Built-in

Protection Level:IP54

Operating Frequency:10%,2min.on/

Operating Temperature: 0°C~+40°C

Manual function: not support


DHLA42 has a novel and exquisite design, small size, high precision, complete synchronization, good self-locking performance, sanitation, direct motor drive, no need for pipeline air source, oil road, has been widely used in production lines, automobiles, ventilating window opening, military industry, stage, textile, sewage treatment and other industries equipment.

Technical Parameters

Voltage DC9-32V
Motor 42HB60 42HB48 42HB40 42HB34
Motor torque 0.89NM 0.6NM 0.46NM 0.31NM
Maximum thrust (N) 500 300 200 150
Max Speed(MM/S) 80 60 40 30
No-load Speed (mm/s) 0-100mm/s
Load Pull Capacity (N) 5-500
Load Push Capacity (N) 5-500
Inner tube Aluminum tube
Operating Temperature 0°C~+40°C
Stroke Length (mm) 50mm-1000mm
Limit switches Built-in (Optional)
Lead Screw Type Type T

Outline Dimension Drawing

DHLA42 Stepper Electric Linear Actuator
Optional Configuration:
  • Normal
Installation method:
  • A1
  • A2
  • 50MM
  • 100MM
  • 150MM
  • 200MM
  • 250MM
  • 300MM
  • 350MM
  • 400MM
  • 450MM
  • 500MM
  • 550MM
  • 600MM
  • 650MM
  • 700MM
  • 750MM
  • 800MM
  • 850MM
  • 900MM
  • 950MM
  • 1000MM
  • HB48
  • HB60
  • HB40
  • HB34