DHLA36 Electric Linear Actuator

The DHLA36 electric linear actuator is a linear electric linear actuator with compact design, light weight, planetary deceleration by dC motor and built-in micro switch. Travel can be customized, simple installation, easy operation; Widely used in ship, carseat back lifting and massage

Voltage DC24V
Load Pull Capacity(N) 800N
Load Push Capacity(N) 1000N
Self-locking Capacity(N) 4000N
No-load Speed 8mm/s
Stroke Length 100~1000mm
Motor Power 25W
Operating Temperature -15℃ ~ +75℃
Limit Switch Built-in
IP Grade IP65
Material 304 Stainless Steel + Aluminum
Noise <30dB
Operating Frequency 10% max 2 min continuous use
Inner Tube Aluminum Tube
Lead Screw Type Type T
Mechanical Life

More than 30,000 times


DHLA36 Electric Linear Actuator
Optional Configuration:
  • Normal
Installation method:
  • A
  • B
  • 50MM
  • 100MM
  • 150MM
  • 200MM
  • 250MM
  • 300MM
  • 350MM
  • 400MM
  • 450MM
  • 500MM
  • 550MM
  • 600MM
  • 650MM
  • 700MM
  • 750MM
  • 800MM
  • 850MM
  • 900MM
  • 950MM
  • 1000MM
  • DC24V8MMS1000N