Product advantages
Super-long Quality Assurance Service
Improve product protection and anti-corrosion through innovative design to achieve a long warranty of 3 years or even 5 years
Efficient reversing locking function
The contradiction between reversing locking and efficiency can be solved by special design
Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Design
High efficiency and zero standby power consumption. Through reducing the probability of oil leakage and other ways, it can achieve lower energy consumption and pollution-free.
Top R&D capability
SUMRET has a professional R & D team with one hundred people of the three R&D centers, obtained more than 200 patents through exploring cutting-edge technology by European and American experts and famous universities.
Innovative customized products
Four Branches and Six Production Bases in the World, Innovation and Customization of Intelligent Solutions, rapidly response to customer’s needs and delivery on time.
Rigorous quality control
The production process sets multiple quality control points. With perfect testing equipment, it creates high quality and sustainability of products.
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