DHLCM Manual tatami Lifting Column


The product is called electric lifting column. It uses aluminium alloy shell. It is safe, stable, rust-free, fadeless, environmentally friendly and durable. Customized itinerary, more stretching space, built-in limit switch. Ultra low noise. Fine workmanship, easy installation, durable. Intelligent anti-clip function, safe and worry-free. It can be used for household products, tatatami, table, etc.

Product features

● Aluminum alloy shell, impact resistance, durable
● Low noise
● Large expansion range
● Built-in limit switch
● Wide range of applications
● The functions of expanding, selecting Hall sensor, PC control, etc.
● Other specifications and sizes can be customized

Technical Parameters

Regular Product Initial Height(mm) Final Height(mm) Stroke Length(mm) Static Bearing
IPTT-SD260 260 540 280 3000
IPTT-SD285 285 670 385 3000
IPTT-SD310 310 710 400 3000
IPTT-SD360 360 840 480 3000
Color Silver White
Panels Powder Coating
* does not contain handle box, is the height of the upper and lower iron plate. Other specifications, sizes can be customized.

Outline Dimension Drawing

DHLCM Manual tatami Lifting Column