CTT-02-C2 Double-legged Lifting Table(with coupling beams)


DIHOOL's highly adjustable desk CTT-02-C is an essential design for an office power desk. A digital display switch with four preset memories helps to set the preferred and comfortable position. When you press the driven button on the programming box, the height ranges from a maximum of 45.3 inches to a minimum of 25.6 inches.The electric desk allows you to transform from a traditional sitting position to a flexible standing position, one of the best products for creativity and productivity. Our standard model does not have a beam, if you want to add this accessory, please contact us!

Product features

● Electrical control height adjustment, easy to operate, fast.
● The lifting process is smooth, synchronous and low noise.
● LED backlight control panel, real-time display desktop height
● Four memory preset buttons, four common memory heights
● Metal structural parts adopt high quality cold rolled sheet, which has strong structure and beautiful appearance.
● The floor is equipped with universal adjusting footpads, which automatically flat the floor, and the table is stable and not shaking.
● Beautiful and generous baffle, increase stability

Technical Parameters

Frame size W(1010-1700)XD575mm
Table size W1800XD800mm (maximum)
Height range of frame 700-1200mm
Maximum load 100 kg, 200 kg
Speed 40mm/s, 15mm/s
Conventional color Black/white/silver
Outer packing L1080mm*W265mm*H235mm

Outline Dimension Drawing

CTT-02-C2 Double-legged Lifting Table(with coupling beams)