CTT-BKB Hand-operated Double Lifting Table


DIHOOL's highly adjustable desk CTT-BKB is an essential design for an office power desk. A digital display switch with four preset memories helps to set the preferred and comfortable position. When you press the driven button on the programming box, the height ranges from a maximum of 45.3 inches to a minimum of 25.6 inches.The electric desk allows you to transform from a traditional sitting position to a flexible standing position, one of the best products for creativity and productivity.

Product features

● Column: four columns
● Load Capacity: 2000N
● Speed: 30mm/s
● Input Voltage: 110-240V widely voltage
● Memory position: 4 memory position set
● Brilliant digital LED display indicates height selection
● Smooth and gentle soft-start and soft-stop
● Anti-collision technology to prevent damage
● Duty Cycle: 10% max 2 min, continuous use

CTT-BKB Hand-operated Double Lifting Table